I don't know why it's taking me so long to write the review Maria deserve besides the fact that no words can express the gratitude I have for this woman. She is more than a practitioner but a friend. My son was the first one born at the birthing center and through her guidance along the way we had a beautiful natural water birth. When we knew we wanted to start trying again we held off because she wouldn't be in town (doesn't that say a lot when you delay your family because you want to make sure you have her!) we ended up getting pregnant, however early in the pregnancy we lost the baby. Maria was more than supportive through this process, checking in on me and making sure I was ok. About four months later we got pregnant again. Everything was going smoothly in this pregnancy as with my son, then around 32 weeks we found out the baby was breech. We tried everything from chiropractic,acupuncture,moxi,spinning babies, and when that didn't work Maria referred me to an OB with Lima Linda to do an ECV. When that too failed I cried at Maria's as she comforted me and we went over our options,and she gave me her personal experience. She informed me it would be ok but as I cried I said,"but I won't have you!" When I was on my way home she called me with another option, to have the baby born at the center by Dr Stu with her assistance in the same place I birthed my son (my comfort zone). Maria's guidance and advice helped prevent putting my body through unnecessary surgery and what was best for my family. Now today as I leave my last appointment I'm sad as I won't see her as frequently but know we will still talk as she's become a part of the family. Also I will see her for my gynecology appointments. One time I had someone say I've never seen someone so excited for that type of appointment, I said,"I get to see my midwife!"