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Fertility Services


Here at The Natural Birth Place we are pleased to offer fertility services for qualifying clients. In an initial consultation we would review your history to make sure you are a candidate for the treatment we provide, perform a comprehensive physical exam, discuss individualized nutrition counseling and give advice for supplements, as well as drawing any labs necessary to assure your overall health prior to pregnancy. The specific fertility services provided are individualized cycle monitoring, specialized calendars and advice per cycle, intrauterine insemination procedures, and subsequent pregnancy confirmation and monitoring. We are honored to offer these services to members of the LGBTQIA+ community who are looking to conceive. We have information on all local sperm banks and professional experience with using "known donors" for sperm requirements. 

Many don't know how affordable IUI can be! See the associated costs below and feel free to call our office with any specific questions or to schedule an initial consultation with the midwives.

Consultation Visit- this visit includes the following:
1. Nutrition/supplement counseling
2. Physical Exam
3. Comprehensive health history
4. Annual GYN requirement (if needed)
5. Individualized blood tests at an additional cost- not included

As a returning client, we offer discounts on our midwifery and birth center packages

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