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Perinatal Hospice Services

Forever In Our Hearts


Here at the Natural Birth Place Inc, we extend our support to families who know that their baby's life expectancy is going to be brief or enter this world asleep.

We feel it essential that these families are provided with as much physical and social support as necessary, from the time of diagnosis, through to weeks or months following their baby's birth.

Helping families convey their wishes for their baby’s birth journey is an essential part of healing through the grieving process.

We offer tailored care for each individual's unique journey to help ensure these families are able to collaborate with multidisciplinary caregivers, who can help them create beautiful memories together during such a painful and emotional experience.


Guiding families through their parenting journey can help them reach important decisions pertaining to the aftercare of their baby. This helps reduce stress and focus their energy on creating precious memories leading up to their baby's entrance into the world.

This Is Our Story

Meet Elaina

Who entered the world asleep on February 10, 2021.


Born into the arms of her midwife and parents at Rancho Springs Hospital Murrieta, CA.

We Are Honored To Have Been Part Of This Difficult Journey

Thank You For Entrusting Us To Care For You​

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