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Birth with Maria King, CNM and Director Of Midwifery at Rancho Springs Medical Center

Your Insurance Doesn't Cover Out-of-Hospital Birth?

Do you Want a Midwife to Care for you in the Hospital?


Is your Pregnancy more Complex Necessitating Hospital Birth?

Our Midwives Can Remain Your Primary Provider Within the Hospital Setting

We are able to provide midwifery led care at the hospital. Plan a hospital birth with Maria King, CNM at Rancho Springs Medical Center and still enjoy the individualized midwifery model of care! 


Prenatal visits are still conducted in our office and last 30-60 minutes with plenty of time to answer your questions. Our in depth education sets us apart from typical OB/GYN or physician led care. In addition, birthing with a midwife in the hospital means that your birth plan is more likely to be respected and you are less likely to have an unplanned or unnecessary cesarean section.

If your pregnancy becomes high risk and necessitates a cesarean delivery, Maria is able to assist during the cesarean so you can experience midwifery involvement throughout your birth. 

Also, if you plan to have your baby at the birth center but circumstances during your pregnancy classify you as higher risk, we are able to co-manage your care with an Obstetrician and extend this service at the hospital. We are the only local birth center that offers this kind of continuity of care. 


After the birth we continue with midwifery support throughout your six weeks postpartum. We can support you with infant feeding options and postpartum recovery as often as necessary during these first six weeks. 

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