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Interactive Breastfeeding Class

This is an in-depth several hour workshop covering breastfeeding and ways to improve success. We recommend this class during pregnancy for all who desires to breastfeed, even if you have successfully breastfed another child. 

Birth Prep 101

This is an overview course covering normal physiological birth created for the expectant birthing person and their support person. The class includes hands on practice for coping mechanisms of labor including the use of a birth ball and robozo scarf! Those planning an unmedicated vaginal delivery will find this class especially beneficial. 

Surviving the First Weeks of Parenting

Another in depth workshop, this class covers normal newborn physiology, what to expect during the newborn period, and how you can be better prepared to care for you baby. Includes hands-on swaddling practice!


Professional & Parental CPR Classes

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