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Midwifery Students

Here at the Natural Birth Place, INC we are honored to participate in the training of future midwives. We offer positions for beginning, intermediate, and advanced midwifery students training through both CPM/LM and CNM routes. 

Training opportunities include involvement in community events and classes, pregnancy, births, puerperium and lactation, newborn, and gynecology care. Shadowing the CNM for hospital births in a student/doula role enhances ones understanding of hospital based practices and procedures. This affords both students and clients better understanding of practices within different birth settings.


Participating as a student at the birth center also affords opportunity for learning the business management behind midwifery practice. 


Preceptorship and apprenticeship opportunities are meant to coordinate with an academic plan provided by your school program. We offer the clinical component for midwifery training for students enrolled in accredited schools. Students are required to show proof of NRP and CPR training within the past 2 years.

Please contact our office for more information and to schedule an interview. 

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