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Meet Our Midwives

Certified Nurse Midwives In California
NO LONGER Require Physician Supervision
Effective January 1st 2021

Maria King


Director of Midwifery at Rancho Springs Hospital

I first realized my dream of practicing midwifery in 1995, when I graduated as a Registered Midwife in the UK. I will always go above and beyond to ensure provision of best care is provided to all under my company's care. The birth room, no matter its location, is where I feel the most at peace and the place where the miracle of birth takes place. I am simply honored to be considered to be part of one's family's journey of care, no matter for how long.


As a British graduate of nursing and midwifery, my background and acute care experience is quite diverse from that of my fellow midwifery colleagues in the United States.


Changing Childbirth which saw its integration into the British maternity services back in the early 1990's, set the standard for client centered care, retention of one's autonomy throughout pregnancy and implicitly when in labor in conjunction with choice and empowerment.


The most desired healthcare setting should be one that provides optimal care for parents, their newborn and family. Maria is able to offer births at home, the birth center, or as your provider in hospital.


As an advanced practice clinician and lactation consultant, we are truly a one-stop shop. We offer services from preconception care, intrauterine insemination (IUI), well woman/GYN care, IUD placements/removals, Nexplanon placement/removal, issuance of prescription if/when needed along with continued expert breast-feeding support during those early weeks of the postpartum period.


Collaborative care with multi professional disciplines, helps to break down barriers to care and enhance outcomes. As an independent clinician I have worked hard to bridge the gap between the disciplines and have earned the respect of many for our high standards of care.


We do not, and will not, compromise the safety of the laboring individual and/or fetus. As a midwifery team, we hold ourselves to the highest of standards, and in doing so, are still able to offer women what they seek and desire from their pregnancy journey.

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Sabrina Cooksey


Sabrina began her journey into midwifery in 2016 as a doula. Since then she graduated from Mercy In Action College of Midwifery in 2023 and passed the North American Registry of Midwives (NARM) examination to became a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) and state recognized Licensed Midwife (LM). 

In 2020 Sabrina became a mother to twin boys. The pregnancy was complicated by preterm delivery via cesarean section and a three month NICU stay for the twins. As difficult as unplanned and emergencies like this are, she is grateful for what she's learned through the experience. She is passionate in helping mothers avoid unnecessary interventions and especially excited to assist mothers as they seek a successful and safe vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC).

Sabrina's birth experience has been primarily in the out-of-hospital setting both home and birth center. She is a passionate advocate for natural birth and truly honored to walk with you through your own unique pregnancy journey! 

Cynthia Pulsha (Cindy!)


Cindy first developed a passion for birth through working in a home birth setting as a birth assistant. She went to nursing school and got her bachelor's degree in nursing and spent 33 years as a labor and delivery nurse with pregnant women of all different complexities. 

Cindy is a certified lactation consultant (IBCLC) and a certified nurse midwife (CNM) through Frontier Nursing University. She works part-time at the birth center and part-time at a local OBGYN office.

Since graduation Cindy has gained abundant experience in gynecology and well-person care working in a busy physician's office. Her in depth knowledge enhances the midwifery services available to our client group. 

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