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Discover Your Birthing Options


Home Birth

Home births are available dependent on geographics, proximity to neighboring hospital, due date, and backup midwifery support. Most insurance plans do not cover homebirths and midwifery services.

The Natural Birth Place, Inc.

Birthing Center

The prenatal education provided throughout the course of your pregnancy is designed to meet your personal needs and those of your family.

Our comfortable rooms resemble your home and will aid in the process of your birth. 

We offer bathtubs for laboring and birthing.


Did you know...
Our Midwives also provide Midwifery Care
in the Hospital

covered by your insurance!

We are the only independent Certified Nurse Midwifery (CNM) practice in San Bernardino County!


Hospital Birth at 

Rancho Springs Medical Center

We offer planned or non emergent hospital admission, for those seeking a seamless midwifery care which includes, labor management and birth within the hospital setting.

If personal history necessitates, we can continue to co-manage all health risk categories, with the support of multiple collaborative physicians who provide backup services for our clients/families, and whose goal is to enhance your journey while ensuring a healthy parent and newborn.


The midwifery team has admitting privileges, and can provide this service at

Rancho Springs Medical Center, Murrieta, CA

See their awards in Maternal Care here: Rancho Springs

Take a tour of their Maternity Center here: Virtual Tour

Why Choose a Midwifery Led Practice?

Know the variations within Midwifery care before choosing your provider.

More information here: American College of Nurse Midwives

 Explore Our Services

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Fertility Services

We are pleased to offer evaluation and basic fertility treatments to our clients. Our fertility packages are completely customizable and individualized, including everything from initial physical evaluations, lab work, cycle planning, and insemination. 

Lactation and Frenotomy

Struggling with breastfeeding or suspect a tongue tie (anyloglossia)? We offer breastfeeding support and tongue tie revisions. 

Birth Education Classes

We offer classes for expectant parents on topics including newborn care, breastfeeding, and birth prep. Additional classes such as CPR and NRP are available for both providers and parents.

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