Welcome To The
Natural Birth Place Inc.
And The
Natural Birth Place Providers, a Nurse Midwifery Corportation

Women Empowering Women

Through Safe and Supported Natural Birth

The Natural Birth Place, Inc. and it's Provider Corporation is a Midwifery led Women's Health Care practice, serving women of all age groups either in the office or at home.  We specialize in women's health education, well women care, antepartum, birth, postpartum care of mom and newborn as well as extensive breastfeeding counseling and lactation support.

As Midwives we help childbearing couples make informed choices about their health and pregnancy journey.

Our freestanding Birth Center located in San Bernardino, California, offers families a safe, tranquil, personalized and nurturing place to birth their baby.  The midwives support their clients and family members by enabling them to feel empowered, and retain their autonomy throughout their birth process.

We can not predict how your birth will go, but we can guarantee you WILL be respected, supported and informed throughout your care.