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The Natural Birth Place, Inc.

Offers an experienced Midwifery-led care for low risk women

The Natural Birth Place offers an array of services, to meet the needs of women and their families within the Inland Empire of California.
Childbirth is one of life's most natural yet complex processes, and one that should be managed proficiently and sensitively. Our wisdom and expertise ensure that both mother and baby are well cared for throughout their pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey.

We offer Pre-Conception Counseling, Well Woman/GYN Exams, and expert Midwifery Care throughout Pregnancy,  Birth and Postpartum; including Breastfeeding and Lactation    Support as needed for mom and her newborn.


Be confident in your parenting skills. We offer breastfeeding and newborn care classes to guide you through this important stage in your baby's life.


Why Choose a Board Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM) and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)?

Only A Certified Nurse Midwife, has the ability to prescribe required medications, contraception including IUD placement or removal. A CNM can not only help prepare for motherhood, but her advanced practice credentials enables her to competently treat and prescribe the necessary medication required, should it be advised. This means, you don't have to visit several doctors and wait for treatment.
Fewer doctor visits means less travel and cost implication, while receiving expedient care.

CNM's are also equipped to personally manage any presenting emergency swiftly, professionally, competently calmly, and with utmost professionalism. We have an array of support available, through our network of providers, so if a referral is necessary, you can be sure you'll remain in good hands. Maria's extended knowledge in lactation and breastfeeding, is not only offered in a timely manner, but it is reassuring to know, that her services include a 24 hour personal access to support, no matter what the situation or challenge, Maria is only a phone call away.

Consultations are offered to any of the following specialists, as needed:

• OB
• Perinatologist
• Ultrasound
• Chiropractor
• Physical Therapy

• Pediatrician
• Naturopaths
• Acupuncturist
• Cranio-Sacral therapist
• In house IBCLC

The team at The Natural Birth Place, Inc., provides full scope Midwifery care including: pre-conteptual education/preparation for pregnancy (one-to-one appointments), prenatal care - from conception to birth including dietary advice and intraparum care. Natural birth which encapsulates what women and their families are seeking, is provided in this new purpose built Birth Center.

Our team is pleased to mentor for Student Midwives/Nurse Practitioners/Nursing/Medical students and Doulas.