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Linda Palmer

Student Midwife 

My name is Linda Palmer and I hail from the state of Connecticut, famous for being the New England birthplace of our national hero Nathan Hale.

I am married with a son, a daughter and 4 grandsons,2 cats and a little dog.
My background is in 25 + years of nursing. 11 years of which I worked in an Ob/gyn practice, and for the past 8 years I have been a doula. Currently I am a third year midwifery student in Mercy in Action College of Midwifery. I developed a strong interest in learning midwifery while serving on medical mission trips. My desire is to learn midwifery, is based in my faith, and I hope to return to the mission field someday to assist in teaching local midwives to care for their communities. I am a volunteer for the Medical Reserve Corp, and group facilitator for Postpartum Support International. My hobbies include teaching middle eastern dance, reading, art, gardening, hiking, biking, kyaking and rescuing animals.

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