What is a Monitrice

A Monitrice is an Advanced Labor Companion, is a licensed clinical practitioner who in the state of California, is able to offer advanced labor support, during the early phase of labor, either at your home or at our Birth Center (BC).

The Monitirice is also able provide clinical assessment and monitoring of both mother and baby,something that a doula is not permitted to do. This service compliments the care you have received from your maternity care provider, by enabling you to stay in home or at our BC longer, during early labor. The Monitrice also provides emotional and physical support to help assist you in your decision-making in preparation for your birth.


Our state credentialed clinicians possess the knowledge and expertise that will enable you to stay at at your desired place of labor, longer, before moving to your chosen place of birth. Supporting you in early labor benefits your physical and mental health, knowing you have an trained and experienced clinician by your side. The evidence is clear that, for low risk laboring people, delaying your hospitalisation, helps decrease the potential of routine procedures and their cascading medical interventions which also increase one’s potential of requiring cesarean section.


As the Monitice is able to assess you and your baby’s well-being during early labor (once contractions have regulated) they, can help you stay home or at the BC longer, before accompanying you to the hospital or to your other chosen place of birth. While this service is accessible to all women, it may be especially beneficial for first time mothers, those having had a prior C/S who now seek a TOLAC/VBAC, or for women having previously experienced a traumatic birth(s). Only Licensed Practitioners within the state of California, may according to their licensed Scope of Practice, provide vital signs monitoring of mother and baby, perform cervical assessments, in order to evaluate maternal and fetal well being.

  • Advanced Doula Labor Support at home/ Birth Center/ Hospital Support

  • Emotional Labor Support

  • Physical Labor Support

  • Monitoring Maternal Vital Signs

  • Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring

  • Cervical Exams

Birth Support
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