• Maria King

Lujuana Vanessa Knudsen


Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to care for others so I became a nurse.

I have had the honor of working as a nurse for 9 years, and have worked in a variety of different settings from adult ICU, NICU and labor and delivery.

After giving birth to my own children and having experienced a traumatic birth with my first child,  I realized I wanted to help change the system, and give birth back to the birthing individual. I decided that I could do this if I were a midwife, so I went to midwifery school.

I am extremely passionate about this role, as I can help pregnant people achieve their vision of birth, by encouraging their autonomy and empowering them through education and implementing evidence based practices .

I am honored to be at the Natural Birth Place Inc, serving childbearing individuals and their families within the community, I grew up in.

On my days off I enjoy spending time with my own family and staying active.


Jahaira Navarro

Office Manager/ Medical Assistant

I have a passion for Women’s Health and Birth Work. I am a certified Medical Assistant, License CNA, and CPR certified.

I inspire to bring great talent to the Natural Birth Place and am thankful for having the opportunity to meet and work with the lovely parents (and parents to be) of the Birth Center.

The Natural Birth Place Inc. is committed to comprehensive, intimate midwifery care.

Our midwives offer a truly unique opportunity to their clients, and provide care in a way that encourages personal hands-on interaction and collaborative decision-making.

Our greatest joys are watching people become empowered by their birth journey and in helping them build a healthy family..


Michelle Rey


Midwifery is not just a job or career, it's just what I love to do.  

In my role as a Licensed Midwife, I offer support to expectant people and their partners before, during and after childbirth. My role is to help facilitate safe, positive and empowering birthing experiences by offering information, emotional support and physical support throughout this life changing and personal experience.

My background in naturopathic medicine further helps compliment my midwife experience, and enhances the care provided with the integrated team of midwives I work with.

Food is medicine, and a healthy pregnancy begins with a healthy diet.  Part of our journey together will be to learn about healthy eating to decrease the risks of complications during pregnancy.

We are a unique group of midwives, each having their own very unique skill set, all of which enhances our ability to support the families we work with.


Maria Angela King


As a British graduate of nursing and midwifery, my background and acute care experience is quite diverse from that of my fellow midwifery colleagues in the USA.

Changing Childbirth which saw its integration into the British maternity services back in the early 1990's, set the standard for client centered care, retention of one's autonomy throughout pregnancy and implicitly when in labor in conjunction with choice and empowerment.

The most desired healthcare setting, should be one that provides optimal care for parents, their newborn and family.

An important aspect of this system of care is to apply evidence that supports the quality of care, among which is the use of midwifery-led care.

As an advanced practice clinician, and internal board certified lactation consultant, we are truly a one stop shop. We offer services from preconception care, Intrauterine insemination, well woman/Gyn care, IUD placements/removals, Nexplanon placement/removal, issuance of prescription if/when needed along with continued expert breast-feeding support I=during those early weeks of the postpartum period.

Collaborative care with multi professional disciplines, breakdown barriers and enhances outcome. As a independent clinician I have worked hard to bridge the gap between the disciplines and have earned the respect of many for our high standards of care.

We do not, and will not, compromise of the safety of the laboring individual and/or fetus.

As a midwifery team, we hold ourselves to the highest of standards, and in doing so, are still able to offer women what they seek and desire from their pregnancy journey.

There is no other profession in this world that I would rather work in.

My comfort place, my safe haven, my peaceful place is in a birth room, no matter where that room is, hospital, home or birth center.

The team at the Natural Birth Place Inc. and its Providers, will do all within our scope of practice and network ability to safeguard your physical and psychological health during this wonderful life adventure.

Welcome to our facility, and your birth place.


Jennifer Waites

As a mother of 6 girls, I was drawn to the natural birth world after having had my second child. My husband actually introduced me to midwives. So babies 3-6, were all born at home, in the most calming of atmosphere's.

I had considered becoming a midwife myself, but due to my many children and other family commitments, the enormous responsibility, long unsocial and often last minute calls, that come with the midwifery role, was not something I could do now, but perhaps one day.

I love my birth assistant role here at the Natural Birth Place Inc. I get to support laboring individuals by providing comfort measures like drinks, rubbing their backs, helping them ambulate and by supporting the midwives, ensuring they have all the things they may require for a birth, at hand.

I have worked in this role in other facilities also. The team here is second to non. I am fortunate to work with such inspiring midwives who will go above the call of duty, to ensure their clients receive the care that is appropriate for them.

I have worked with Maria for 4 years now, she is exceptionally smart, always 10 steps ahead of the situation and very astute in her practice. Knowing her and her beliefs about childbirth autonomy and empowerment, I knew that when Michelle and Vanessa joined the team, they too had to be exceptional, and they are. These three midwives balance each others skills so well. They discuss concerns together to ensure the right decisions are Meade for their clients. They work so hard to ensure each and everyone of their clients is attended to appropriately and expediently. The reason I am here.

Anyone who seeks care from the midwifery team at the Natural Birth Place Inc, will not be disappointed, you will receive the best, fulfilled and educated service all provided in partnership with you. You are the most important person on their list of priorities.

Hope to see you soon. Jennifer

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