Baby holding parent pinky finger

Our Mission

Our midwives work in partnership with their clients to deliver the highest standards of care. We believe in diversity and inclusion of all people irrespective of their health disparities, race, ethnicity, color, religion, disabilities or gender and support our LGBTQI community. 


We work in partnership with our clients to help them attain their personalized goal. Unrestricted freedom of movement and nutrition when in labor, in conjunction with intermittent fetal monitoring is essential to the physiological and psychological needs of birth.


Rooming in of parents with their infant is an extension of this, and imperative to the initiation of family bonding and feeding.

Our Purpose

Our Midwives and Birth Center personnel are dedicated to providing families of diverse backgrounds with comprehensive well woman, maternity and preventative healthcare throughout their life cycle beyond pregnancy and birth.


All pregnant people have the right to choose their birth place and a care provider who will support them through their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period.


When a pregnant person is encouraged to express their wishes, they retain their autonomy and become empowered by their birth journey and are better able to make decisions based upon their knowledge, intuition, experiences, values, and beliefs.

We Are Midwives

We believe in spontaneous labor and the body’s ability to birth naturally

We are your confidant, and advocate

We are with you throughout this journey 

Our goals and values are simply to meet yours